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Your Support Makes a Difference!


Did you know? 

The cost of tuition does not cover the actual cost of educating your child/ren. In reality, tuition only covers approximately 65% of your child's education. Together, the remaining costs are funded by the generosity of the Holy Apostles parishioners who support the annual parish giving campaign and School Education Fund. Our parish has strongly supported our school for more than 125 years, and we are grateful to be part of such a faithful, vibrant & generous community. 

As with all Catholic schools, we work closely with our parish to manage a fiscally responsible budget for our school, leveraging the revenue we collect through tuition, as well as the financial support we receive?from our parish. Our budgetary discipline ensures these dollars are utilized judiciously to support ongoing costs, such as teacher salaries, textbooks, necessary technology upgrades and special programming.

CHARGER CHASE kicked off on Monday, September 20th! 

Our goal is $30,000!


The Charger Chase is our Home and School Association’s main fundraiser for the year. Over the past several years, funds raised during this campaign have been instrumental in improving our school—THANK YOU!!

The campaign begins TODAY! Over the next 2 weeks we ask all families to reach out to friends and family, as well as consider a personal donation. On Friday, September 30th, all students will participate in a FUN obstacle course on school grounds to celebrate!



Several years ago, the School Education Fund was created for families who were interested in and able to partially or fully cover the gap between annual tuition and the actual cost of educating their child/children. The goal of the School Education Fund is to help our school’s cost management efforts as we plan for additional curriculum enhancements, classroom innovation and staff development opportunities. As further position our school for long-term sustainability--and especially given the challenging financial circumstances that have impacted so many individuals, organizations and businesses this year--growing the School Education Fund is more important now than ever before. 



Contributing to the School Education Fund is voluntary and tax deductible. We will gratefully accept contributions in any dollar amount—no amount is too small. Contributions can be made annually, semi-annually, quarterly, or monthly—similar to tuition payment options. Please know your gift, along with the gifts of others, will make a difference as we continue to form disciples and future leaders who will serve our families and communities. Please consider sharing this information with grandparents or others in your life who may wish to invest in the value of Catholic education.  


Both our parish and school communities are honored to live our faith daily with your children. We understand—and witness on a regular basis—the strong role and value a Catholic education can provide and appreciate the fact that everyone makes sacrifices when they choose Catholic education for their children. Thank you for choosing Holy Apostles School and thank you for trusting us to help your children grow as disciples of Christ. 


We are incredibly grateful for the many ways in which our families serve our parish school, and appreciate the ongoing support of our parishioners, alumni families, grandparents and other friends of Holy Apostles. Thank you!

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