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In 5K, we have FUN, build friendships, learn about ourselves, the world, and God. Our curriculum is filled with hands-on projects, experiments, and proven methods to ensure your child has the strongest start to their academic career.

We dive deep into the following subjects to ensure your 5 year old is proficient and ready for 1st grade:


  • Embracing the presence of God and Jesus in our daily lives through daily prayer experiences

  • Practicing prayers and gaining an understanding of them

  • Catholic Christian virtues of Faith, Hope and Love are taught, demonstrated and modeled

  • Learning about the past, important people, and celebrating holidays

  • Celebrating weekly Mass

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  • Strengthening fine and gross motor skills

  • Integrated, authentic, experiential, hands-on and meaningful play based learning centers

  • Communicate thoughts, feelings, and ideas through spoken words/prayer and writing

  • Learning how to collaborate in small and large groups

  • Learning how to be an active listener

  • Learning how to follow mutually agreed upon rules


  • Letter and sound recognition

  • Daily writing experiences

  • Focus on word building, word families, blending and syllables

  • Sight words  

  • Guided reading small groups

  • Reading strategies: Comprehension, accuracy, fluency, and expanding vocabulary

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  • Real life problem solving and story problems

  • Add and subtract fluently to 20

  • Counting forward/backward from a given number

  • Graphing and analyzing data

  • Recognizing and comparing numbers by using greater than, less than, and equal to

  • Exploring nonstandard and standard measurement

  • Place value and base 10

  • 2-D and 3-D shape exploration/manipulation


  • Integration of Project Lead the Way, a nationally recognized project-based STEM program

  • Using science tools to investigate the world

  • Recording and interpreting data

  • Unit studies in Matter, Seasons/Weather, Living /Non-living, Animals, Plants, Habitats, Environments and Life Cycles   

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  • Learning about relationships  in our family, school, church, and community

  • Recognizing and accepting differences

  • Identifying needs VS wants

  • Exploring simple maps and the globe

  • Comparing/contrasting the past VS present

  • Learning about our role in supporting/protecting God’s  world and ever changing environment


  • Introducing technological tools into the learning process

  • Applying learned skills weekly in the technology lab

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