Middle School Science Curriculum At a Glance
The Holy Apostles Middle School Science Curriculum provides hands-on learning using state-of-the-art tools and programs
designed to challenge and engage students.  We have taken a blended approach to teaching science concepts, connecting learning
from the scientific method and a project-based curriculum. Our program integrates classic science units, as well as Project Lead the
Way - Gateway (PLTW), which is a nationally recognized Science, Technology, Engineering and Math program.  
Our PLTW - Gateway program is designed to spark interest in STEM subjects and prepare students for high school level sciences.
 It allows students to gain knowledge and acquire skills in problem solving, teamwork, and innovation, as well as explore STEM careers.

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Middle School Science Curriculum Highlights

6th Grade – Earth Science and PLTW

These students focus on earth science, which specifically includes Earth’s Place in the Universe, Earth’s Systems, and Earth
& Human Activity. They also begin the 3-year PLTW Design & Modeling Unit focusing on the engineering design process.  
  • PLTW Design & Modeling: The Design Process
  • Earth’s Surface: Mapping, Minerals, Rocks, Weathering & Soil Formation, Erosion & Deposition
  • The Changing Earth: Plate Tectonics
  • Earth’s Atmosphere: Air Pressure, Weather Patterns
  • Space: Earth, Moon, & Sun, Our Solar System
  • PLTW Energy in the Environment: Investigate the Impact of Energy


7th Grade – Physical Science and PLTW

Our 7th graders concentrate on physical science, which is the study of the natural sciences dealing with Matter & 
Its Interactions, Motion & Stability, Energy, and Waves. They continue building on PLTW Design & Modeling Unit, 
as well as integrate three additional PLTW units. 
  • PLTW Design & Modeling: The Design Process & Prototyping
  • PLTW Automation & Robotics: Investigate Mechanical Systems & Computer Control Systems
  • Chemical Interactions: Atomic Structure & Periodic Table, Bonds & Compounds, Chemical Reactions
  • PLTW Magic of Electrons: students explore electricity, the behavior of atoms, and sensing devices by building basic circuits.  
  • PLTW Science of Technology: students apply chemistry, nanotechnology, and physics to STEM projects.
  • Waves, Sound, & Light

8th Grade – Life Science & PLTW

These students study life science, including Molecules to Organisms, Ecosystems, Heredity, and Biological Evolution. 
They complete their PLTW Design & Modeling unit and incorporate a PLTW Medical Detectives unit.
  • PLTW Design & Modeling: Investigate 3D Software & Medical Careers
  • Cells & Heredity: Cell Function, Cell Division, Heredity, DNA
  • PLTW Medical Detectives: Disease Diagnosis & Forensic Science
  • Life Over Time: History of Life on Earth, Classification of Living Things
  • Diversity of Living Things: Plants
  • PLTW Medical Detectives: The Human Body Maintains Health
  • Human Biology: Muscular System, Immune System, Circulatory System
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