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    Emergency Weather Information

    PLEASE, DO NOT CALL THE SCHOOL OR RECTORY FOR INFORMATION REGARDING SCHOOL CLOSINGS. Our telephone lines must be open to receive informational calls from the bus company or emergency reports.

    This information is available to you as a public service by several television and radio stations in the area:

    Television Stations

    WTMJ - Channel 4
    WITI - Channel 6
    WISN - Channel 12
    WDJT - Channel 58
    Cable Channel - 13

    Radio Stations

    WOKY - 620 AM
    WLTQ - 97.3 FM
    WRIT - 95.7 FM
    WEMP - 1250 AM
    WAUK - 1510 AM
    WKTI - 94.5 FM
    WKKV - V 100

    1. Listen to the radio or television station of your choice.
    2. In regard to severe weather emergencies, please remember that Holy Apostles School follows the decision of the New Berlin Schools as required by Archdiocesan policy. When the New Berlin Public Schools are closed/delayed start/early dismissal, Holy Apostles will automatically do the same thing. Parents will recieve an automated call from the New Berlin School District with information. We do not list our school individually on the radio or television, unless we close for an individual reason, such as a broken water main at Holy Apostles.
    3. In the event of an emergency early release of our students (closing prior to 2:25), it is our policy to contact as a first priority, all working parents and/or those families whose students would go home to an empty house. Time may not permit us to contact every family prior to the release of students. If we are unable to reach a working parent/emergency contact person, we will hold the student(s) in the gym until someone can pick up the child(ren). We will do our best to ensure that children are safe.
    4. Buses frequently run late under severe weather conditions.
    5. When the weather is inclement; that is wet, rainy or with a wind-chill factor of 14 degrees below zero all students will remain indoors. Parents are encouraged to have their children DRESS PROPERLY for the severe weather.
    Last Published: February 4, 2019 3:03 PM
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