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     2020-2021 Annual Preschool Tuition: 

    2020-21 Parishioner 
    Annual Tuition
    1 CHILD (GRADES 4K-8) $6,540.00 $2,180.00 $4,360.00
    2 CHILDREN (4K-8) $13,080.00 $5,500.00 $7,580.00
    3 CHILDREN (4K-8) $19,610.00 $9,870.00 $9,740.00
    4 CHILDREN (4K-8) $26,150.00 $15,250.00 $10,900.00
    5 CHILDREN (4K-8) $32,690.00 $20,800.00 $11,890.00


    Payment Options

    Parents may choose to pay tuition on an annual, semi-annual, quarterly or monthly schedule. The selection of payment option is made when the tuition agreement form is signed in May:

    Option #1:  Payment in full due August 15
    Option #2:  Payment in two installments due August 15 and January 15
    Option #3:  Payment in four installments due August 15/November 15/January 15/ March 15
    Option #4:  Payment as automatic monthly withdrawals starting June 1 and ending May 15

    Registration Fee

    Paid at the time of re-enrollment/registration:

    Returning Family  $85.00
    New Family           $110.00

    Tuition Subsidy

    Holy Apostles is able to provide an exemplary education through tuition and the generous parish subsidy for each student attending our school. Our parish currently subsidizes approximately 40% of the cost to educate one child and increases this subsidy with each additional child. In order to receive this subsidy, we ask that families are active members in the parish community. This would include:

    • Praying with us at Sunday Eucharist
    • Being a registered member of our parish
    • Returning a commitment to parish life
    • Being involved in school/parish ministries and service opportunities
    • Providing financial support to the parish in addition to the cost of tuition and fees

    If you are a member of another parish, we would encourage you to speak to them about the availability and requirements for receiving subsidized tuition at Holy Apostles.

    Tuition Assistance

    No child should be denied a Catholic education due to limited funds. At Holy Apostles, funds have been set aside to help those in need of financial assistance. If you would like to inquire about additional financial assistance, please fill out the financial disclosure and tuition assistance forms and turn them into the school office once complete by April 15th.

    Last Published: April 28, 2020 11:02 AM
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