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    Athletics - Board Members

    The Athletic Association is the governing body responsible for establishing and operating an interscholastic athletic program for the students of Holy Apostles School.

    2020-2021 Athletic Board

    Executive Members

    Athletic Director: Chris Quesnell

    Assistant Athletic Director: Steve Iggens

    Secretary: Heather McAvoy

    Treasurer: Coleen Mala & Steve Iggens

    Sports Coordinators

    Volleyball: Sarah Wasmer

    Basketball: Rob Brenton

    Track: Cory Flores

    Additional Board Members

    Beau Banton Chris Quesnell
    Steve Bindl Eric Radomski
    Dan Burke Mike Sturino
    Jared Daniel Jeff Soppe
    Jason Gerke Dan Stich
    Steve Iggens Dave Thomas
    Matt Kaye Sarah Wasmer
    Brian Kosidowski Andy Wasmer
    Mike Logan Rob Brenton
    Scott Lassanske  
    Steve McAvoy  
    Heather McAvoy  
    Last Published: May 6, 2020 8:40 AM
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