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    COMING SOON! Lease-to-Own Laptop Program  

    There are many unknowns as we begin this new school year. The availability of technology is more important than ever.  As we plan for this unusual year, we know it is crucial that we can support our students and family's technology needs As a school, we believe it is imperative to move to a 1:1 technology-to-student ratio this fall.   

    Our parish is prepared to invest over $130K to help us achieve this goal.  We will be purchasing tablets for K-3rd grade and laptops for 4th-8th grade.   

    We would like to invite families with 4th-8th grade students to consider helping to sponsor this technology by investing in an OPTIONAL lease-to-own laptop program.    


    • The device model is the Dell Latitude 3190 which is part of their durable, education line of laptops.  
    • The optional lease to own program will be $13/month for 3 years. This is our cost; no additional markup/interest charges would be applied. We will be passing on our bulk/nonprofit discount directly. 
    • At the end of the 3-year lease, you would have the option to buy the laptop. 
    • Families would have the option to buy the lease out early or buy the device up front if interested. 
    • At the end of the school year, the devices will be returned to Holy Apostles for maintenance and returned to students at the beginning of the next school year. More details will be made available on this process at a later date. 


    • Your child would have the ability to take their laptop home as needed for projects/homework or if a virtual learning situation occurs.  
    • The device is confirmed to work well with our school technology and networks 
    • The device will be insured through Dell and managed by the Holy Apostles Technology Coordinator, who will support, troubleshoot, or swap out devices if a problem occurs. If excessive repairs are necessary, a cost may be incurred to families. 
    • The devices will be monitored by Holy Apostles through Microsoft Intune.  

    Sign up information will be coming soon.    



    Frequently Asked Questions: 

    I already have a device at home my child can use. What if I choose not to take part in the lease program? No problem. Your child will have an assigned device to use while in school and will continue to have access to their Microsoft account from your home PC/Mac browser. 

    I do not think I need a device right now, but what if I change my mind? You are welcome to opt into the lease-to-own program at any time. Registration information will be available soon.

    Can my child bring their home laptop (independently purchased) to school to use? No, for safety and security reasons, only school issued devices can be used in school.  

    How will these devices be used in classrooms?  In previous years, all students had the ability to share devices, which may not be possible for a large part of this year. We will certainly be integrating technology in similar ways, but more effectively and efficiently. With additional technology, we will also be able to start the year running with Seesaw and Microsoft Teams.  

    • In K-3rd tablets will only be used when needed for educational support.  We believe children should learn from their teacher and each other, not from a screen all day. Our teachers will continue to provide creative and interactive lessons for each subject. Tablets will be integrated into lessons as needed. 
    • In 4th - 8th devices will be used on and off throughout the day on assignments, projects, and research.   

    If I have a K-3rd grade child, will I have the ability to lease a tablet? Yes, you will have the option to lease a tablet for under $10 per month that will work well with our Seesaw program and Microsoft interface.  If choosing to lease, your child would have the ability to bring their tablet to and from school or use it in a virtual learning situation. These devices would not be part of the lease to own program. More information and a sign-up form will be provided the first week of school. 


    Last Published: August 6, 2020 3:50 PM
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