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    Coronavirus / COVID-19 Updates 

    June 17, 2020
    Dear Parents, 
    When we chose “We teach you like family” as our Archdiocese of Milwaukee Catholic Schools theme for the 2019-2020 school year, we never envisioned how fitting it would become, in light of the work-from-home transition that took place within our schools during the recent pandemic. 
    Our mission of providing students with a solid foundation for every aspect of their lives begins with the recognition that they need and deserve educators who take seriously their responsibility to be role models of faith, competence and character. Students in our Catholic schools are formed and supported by everyone in our school communities who contributes to their spiritual, intellectual, social and moral growth.
    In amazing ways, our Catholic school educators stepped up to the challenge of abruptly transitioning into virtual learning in mid-March, yet they still closed out the academic year with remarkable success. This strong and almost seamless continuation of learning could not have happened without you. Thank you for your understanding, hard work, and support throughout these difficult months in assisting teachers remotely with your child’s education. As is the case in any family, through the toughest of times and through the most daunting challenges we become stronger than ever – together. 
    As we look forward to the coming 2020-2021 school year, we will continue Catholic education this fall stronger than ever and back together again. We are currently working with our schools to plan for the fall and will continue to provide updates, regulations and advice as we alter and adjust to the constantly changing effects of the pandemic. With safety as our first concern and in compliance with appropriate guidelines, we want you to know we are planning for our schools to re-open in a traditional manner at the end of the summer break.
    With 102 schools within the 10 counties of southeastern Wisconsin, the first day of school may not look the same for everyone. Schools may have different plans and procedures due to their locations and communities. Regardless of circumstances, the assurance of a safe, caring and Christ-centered environment will continue to be a top priority within all of our Catholic schools. 
    We have received some specific questions pertaining to the 2020-2021 school year. Please see the Q&A which includes some of our most-asked questions. Also, please take a look at some of the recent case studies that highlight Catholic school success. 
    From pre-kindergarten through high school, our schools are shaped by communion and community, both inside and outside the classroom. Through this pandemic, these are values we have come to hold more strongly than ever. As we approach the coming school year, be assured that we look forward to welcoming your children back into our schools, “teaching them like family,” and continuing their preparation for success in this world and the next.
    No matter how cautiously or carefully we will need to “come back,” we look forward to it as a true home-coming for us all.
    Please join us in celebrating and praying for the continued success of our Catholic schools, and be assured of our prayers for you and your family.
    Sincerely yours in Christ,

    May 21, 2020

    Hello Parents,

    We are certainly in the home stretch now.  Thank you for all you are doing at home to support your child’s spiritual and academic journey. 

    Updates for this week:  

    • As a reminder, today is the last day of new instruction.  We are off tomorrow and Monday to honor Memorial Day, returning on Tuesday.  We have built in time next week to catch up on missing assignments. All missing assignments are due by June 1st.  Optional enrichment /virtual field trips will be assigned during this time as we finish up the year. 

    • Your tuition agreement and SEF forms are due back next week.  We know this is a busy and uncertain time and are grateful for your timeliness on this.  We have reached 25% of our School Education Fund pledge goal. Please consider pledging by returning the form to the office or online at hanbschool.org/giving. THANK YOU in advance for supporting your child’s education and our school community! 

    • I know many parents are wondering what fall will look like for our school.  I wish there were a way to predict the future mandates and safety protocols. Unfortunately, that is not the case. We are currently working on several scenarios to ensure we are prepared for whatever the fall will bring, including a plan for classroom social distancing/disinfection and enhanced/consistent distance learning platforms.  We will be sure to update you over the summer as we get more information from the Department of Instruction, the CDC, and the Archdioceses of Milwaukee.  

    • We have had some questions about grading for specialty classes (music, art (4th-8th), P.E., and Spanish).  You have a choice to opt out of any or all specialty classes and receive an “opt out” grade on your child’s report card for this trimester.  If you choose to opt out, you will need to send an email to each specialist no later than June 1st, noting your child’s name, homeroom teacher, and that you would like to opt out.  If the specialist does not hear from you by 6/1, your child will receive a grade for these specialty subjects using the modified grading system documented in the April 29th update. For P.E, please email Mr. Kleinhans the completed calendar or an acknowledgement that your child completed some consistent form of physical activity during virtual learning. Specialists can be reached here: Music: awilda@hanb.org P.E.: mkleinhans@hanb.org Spanish: sguerra@hanb.org Art (4th-8th grade): lradermacher@hanb.org 

    • If you are concerned that your child may be missing work or are unsure about assigned work, please reach out to your child’s teacher via email.  Next week is the perfect opportunity to get caught up on any assignments that might have been missed.  

    • Please read this note from Mrs. E.  We will certainly miss her next year. 

    • Athletics registration has begun for next year! Now is the time for incoming 5th – 8th graders to register for Volleyball and Basketball.  Eligible grades should have received an email last week with more information. I can’t wait to cheer on our teams again next year! Also, basketball players should return their uniforms and practice jerseys on 5/27 between 6pm-7:30pm during the drive-up collection outside of the gym. 

    • We are hiring! Please check out Holy Apostles open positions here.

    • Check out the May Crowning Prayer Service that 2nd grade put together to celebrate Mary.  Also please watch Father Don’s reflection & update

    On Monday, June 8th and Tuesday, June 9th we will have supply drop off & personal item pick up.  To keep everyone safe we have implemented a few guidelines: 

    • We are setting up 10-minute slots to pick up your child’s things and drop off books. Only 10 people at a time will be allowed in the school. You will enter through the gym hallway door and exit through the main gym doors.  Please look for the signs. We realize that if you have multiple children it will take a little longer to do this.  A Signup Genius will be sent out next week. 

    • Only 1 ADULT per family, absolutely no children will be allowed in the building. 

    • We will have tables divided up by grade in the gym for returned items and items to be picked up.  There will be bags labeled with your child’s name which will include things they left in the classroom/locker.  The bags will also include your child’s report card and yearbook (if one was ordered). Your child’s teacher will give you a list of what needs to be returned by June 1st. It is very important that you return the textbooks and library books.  We want every child to have a book in the fall and your help is critical.  

    Thank you again for your ongoing support during this unusual time. Have a safe and happy Memorial Day.  As we enjoy our freedom this weekend, we offer a special thank you to all who have served and protected our country.  


    Mrs. Kristin Lee 


    May 6, 2020 


    We are in the home stretch and are starting to think about next school year.  Soon all incoming 3K- 8th grade families will be receiving an important envelope in the mail.  It will contain next year’s tuition agreement, as well as the School Education Fund Pledge form.  Your attention to these forms is more important than ever before. 

    Together we make a difference!  Of course, we have always known this to be true but are more reminded every day how we learn, grow, and pray better together. The School Education Fund (SEF) is an opportunity for your family to help cover the gap between annual tuition and the actual cost of educating your child/ren. We will rely on SEF to better plan for additional curriculum enhancements and classroom innovation, as well as help fund operating expenses including teacher salaries and textbooks.  

    We will gratefully accept tax deductible contributions in any dollar amount—no amount is too small. Together, we know our gifts will make a difference as we continue to form disciples and future leaders. Please consider sharing this information with grandparents or others in your life who may wish to invest in the value of Catholic education. Learn more about SEF or pledge/donate online at hanbschool.org/giving. 

    Please watch this video update from Mrs. Lee and some of our awesome teachers! 

    In other news:  

    • We have some 2020-2021 staffing news: Mrs. Lisa Eyssautier has decided to retire after this school year.  We are grateful for the almost 20 years she has dedicated to HA and our students both in second and fifth grades.  We will certainly miss her smile and the kindness she shared with all!  We send her with our prayers and best wishes in her retirement.  Also, Mrs. Rachel Iacono, our school secretary, will be moving on to another opportunity.  We thank her for the year she spent with us and wish her luck in her future endeavors.  

    • We are excited to announce that Holy Apostles School has been recognized as a 2019-20 Project Lead the Way Gateway Distinguished School! We are only one of 176 schools around the country to receive this recognition! Thank you to Mrs. Laabs for leading our PLTW Gateway program and for inspiring & empowering our middle school students to love Science & STEM curriculum! We are honored to be recognized for the second year in a row. 

    • As we continue to celebrate Christ’s rising and the Easter season, please join us in the One % Challenge!   

    • Holy Apostles will be live streaming Mass on Sunday at 9:15am on our YouTube page.  Also, be sure to subscribe for future videos. 

    • We loved seeing our 8th graders (at a safe distance) last Friday!  Check Facebook to see the special gift we delivered! 

    • Upcoming dates to note: 

    - Thursday, May 21 – Last day of new instruction 
    - Friday, May 22 – Monday, May 25 – Scheduled days off to celebrate Memorial Day 
    - Tuesday, May 26 - Tuition and School Education Fund Pledge Forms are due to the school office. Or give/pledge to SEF online at hanbschool.org/giving. 
    - Tuesday, May 26 – June 9 – Makeup, enrichment, and virtual field trips 
    - Friday, May 29- Last day of 3K 
    - Monday, June 1 – All third trimester work is due 
    - Week of June 8th – tentative locker cleanout 
    - Tuesday, June 9 – Last Day of School 
    - Friday, June 12 - Please return forms and fees for Kids Connection/Extended Care and 3K Wrap Care 
    - Unfortunately, our Parish Family Festival is canceled for this summer. 


    As we celebrate Teacher Appreciate Week virtually, know that we have been thinking about and praying for all of you every day.  Please share this video message with your children from all of us and subscribe to our school YouTube channel for all updates.   


    Mrs. Kristin Lee 

    April 29, 2020 


    Welcome to week six of virtual learning.  We certainly did not expect to be virtual teachers, and you did not expect to be guiding your children through virtual learning.  Through it all, I appreciate your patience and positivity as we continue to learn as we go, making small strides every day. 

    I love to see some of the virtual learning assignments, especially the 8th grade PLTW toy design prototypes and the most recent art projects!  I also love to start my day with the Prayer and Pledge videos on Facebook/bottom of our website.  Please email sbindl@hanb.org if your child would like to lead us in prayer in the upcoming weeks.  

    Here are a few updates and ideas for the week: 

    • As we continue to find more effective and efficient ways to virtually engage all students, teachers are continuing their virtual class touchpoints.  Over the next week, all teachers will be integrating video calls into their online curriculum each week to touch base, clarify lessons, or help answer questions.  They will also be integrating video / audio lessons for core subjects if they have not already.   

    • Last official day of school is June 9th. Our last day of new instruction for 4K-8th grade will be May 21st. Starting on May 26th through June 1st, students will have the opportunity to solicit extra help and finish up missing assignments.  All completed assignments are due on June 1st. Enrichment activities and virtual field trips will also be provided these last two weeks of the trimester.  The last day of 3K will be May 29th as originally scheduled.  

    • We are continuing to plan locker cleanout and 8th grade graduation dates.  We hope to have more information as soon as the stay-at-home order eases.  

    • We have been working with the Archdiocese Office for Schools to design options for grading in these uncharted times. In an effort to more accurately report your child’s progress this trimester, we will be modifying the report card grading scale to more accurately and fairly reflect your child’s progress in a virtual learning environment. 

    - 3K, 4K, and 5K will continue using a narrative based report. 

    - 1st – 5th grade will be using a proficiency grading scale. You will see one of two letter “grades” for each  academic standard on your child’s upcoming report card.  

    P: Proficient - Student demonstrates consistent understanding and application of concepts and skills aligned with grade level standards.  Student can complete assigned tasks independently.   

    IE: Insufficient Evidence · Insufficient evidence is available at this time to determine proficiency. 

    - Middle School teachers will be using a numerical scale to assess student work.  

    3: Proficient · Student demonstrates consistent understanding and application of concepts and skills aligned with grade level standards. Student can complete assigned tasks independently.  

    2: Developing · Student demonstrates partial understanding of grade level standards. Student can sometimes  complete learning activities without assistance.

    1: Insufficient evidence · Insufficient evidence is available at this time to determine proficiency. 

    • Kids Connection and Wrap Care misses your children! The team is looking forward to August when we can see those bright, shining faces! They will be emailing updated registration materials very soon. The final date for registration will be June 12th. Even if you are a current family, you will need to register and pay the registration fee by June 12. Any further questions? Email: kwozniak@hanb.org 

    • Please continue to check out our Parish YouTube site and Facebook page for prayer services and spiritual reflection. You can also check out my last video update here.  

    • Summer Skills books are available. If you would like to order these books you can access them at summerskills.com. The books are $18.00 plus shipping. 

    • We are excited to begin planning for another school year. Please look for your tuition agreement and School Education Fund form to arrive sometime next week. We thank you for being part of our parish school community and look forward to being back together in the fall! 

    Thank you for reading.  I hope you have the opportunity to count your blessings and continue in the spirit of Easter. 


    Mrs. Kristin Lee 


    April 8, 2020 


    This is certainly a strange and challenging time, not only for our Holy Apostles community, but also for our entire world.  We miss our time together at school with students and staff.  We are facing unknowns and the disappointments of cancelled activities and gatherings.   As I think about this Holy Season, I reflect on the message of Easter – which is one of hope.  Christ’s death brings reconciliation, and it is through the atonement of our sins that we reconnect with God.  Jesus’s resurrection promises eternal life for those who believe in Him.  What an incredible message of hope for all this Easter season! 

    I am so incredibly proud of this community. The fortitude of our students and staff has been incredible to see.  Thank you to parents who have taken on the role of educator while balancing your own work responsibilities.  Thank you also to those among us who are healthcare workers, first responders, grocery workers, and all those who are considered essential.  We recognize your sacrifice and pray for your health and safety.  

    At this point we do not have new information about when school will be reopened or if activities such as concerts or 8th grade graduation will go on as scheduled.  We are all praying for our 8th graders at this time and hope some of these milestone activities can be celebrated as a community.   Although we do not know how long this will last, our school will continue to support your family and our community.  

    Here are a few updates and ideas for this week:  

    • Lenten prayer wall: I am super excited about the school-wide prayer wall project!  I encourage your family to participate and send a picture to your teachers.  I look forward to seeing the many walls across our community!  

    • If you are looking for other Holy Week ideas, visit the Archdiocese of Milwaukee’s At Home Guide for Individuals and Families 

    • Favorite prayer videos: I love seeing the Facebook videos of our teacher’s favorite prayers this week! Tomorrow at 2pm we will also be posting a beautiful International Prayer Service video led by Miss Laske.  Be sure to check them out on our Facebook page or you can scroll through these posts on the bottom right of our webpage.  

    • Internet safety: Holy Apostles School utilizes Bark to help protect our student email accounts and activity.  If you are considering a monitoring service to help you at home with your child’s social media or personal email accounts, read this letter with more information on how to utilize Bark at home.  In the coming days, parents of 4th – 8th grade students will receive an email from Bark with information about their services and how to utilize our HA discount.  

    • Serve others: Many families have been asking how they can serve others during this time at home.  Here are some ideas: 

    - Reach our elderly parishioners: Please contact Phil Stepanski (pstepanski@hanb.org) to get a phone list of HA seniors who might appreciate a phone call.

    -You can also send letters or notes to residents at Linden Grove:

    Activities Department 
    Linden Grove New Berlin   
    13755 W. Fieldpointe Drive   
    New Berlin, WI  53151   

    - MacCanon Brown Homeless Sanctuary has an urgent appeal for canned beef and chicken, sardines, vienna sausages; canned yams, green beans, baked beans, corn; chicken soup; hand sanitizer, boxes of cereal, energy bars, basic hygiene products and toilet paper. Ideal drop-off times are Tuesdays and Thursdays between 10:30 - 12:30 pm at the back door of the Sanctuary at 2461 W. Center St. Donors may stay in their vehicles while volunteers unload. They are also accepting monetary donations here

    • Holy Week Schedule:  Archbishop Listecki will preside at Masses which will be broadcast on Channels 18 and 24 (CW18/MY24) and Easter Mass will be broadcast on Channel 12 (WISN-TV).  These Masses will also be available online. Streaming will be live and links to the Masses can be found here.   

    • Thursday, April 9: Evening Mass of the Lord’s Supper LIVE at 7 p.m. 

    • Friday, April 10: Good Friday of the Lord’s Passion LIVE at Noon 

    • Sunday, April 12: Easter Sunday LIVE at 11 a.m. 

    • April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month: To know that we are children of God is to live in complete love with deep abiding security and the ability to dream, to sing, to create, to laugh, and to play without worry. As we grow older, we face a new reality. We cannot approach all God’s creation with the same trust and confidence. We learn, through sometimes hurtful and damaging experiences, that some people reject the ability that God gave them to love and respect others—they ignore God’s call to love and respect others.  As we recognize the importance of child abuse awareness, our teachers will continue to integrate grade appropriate child abuse prevention lessons into their curriculum annually.  Please review more resources here

    Once again thank you for your ongoing support of our school.  I hope you have a joyous Easter and spring break.  We will look forward to returning to virtual learning on Monday, April 20th.   


    Mrs. Kristin Lee 

    March 25, 2020


    I hope you and your children are adjusting to this new temporary normal.  I know the teachers and I are meeting weekly to discuss best practices, what is working, and what needs improvement.  I am very impressed with their dedication and collaboration to improve your child's virtual learning experience as the days go on.   

    Here are a few updates and answers to some frequently asked questions: 

    • Many have asked if we will have to make up the days and if our virtual learning work will "count".  We are working closely with the Archdiocese on guidance around instructional days and minutes.  Our hope is that the work teachers and students are doing through virtual learning will meet the requirements. We will have more information on the process as we determine how long virtual learning will continue.  

    • At this time, we do not know if we will be returning to school.  I find it encouraging that the governor proclaimed a "Safer at Home" order for the next 30 days, taking us to the end of April, which was announced yesterday.  I am hopeful that we will be able to return to school in late April/early May. If we are not able to return, we will coordinate a locker cleanout and book drop off sometime in early June. 

    • We will continue our planned Spring Break.  We will be off from Good Friday, April 10th, returning to virtual instruction on Monday, April 20th.  

    • Please remember that we know this is hard for students, parents, as well as teachers. We do not expect perfection.  We hope that this will evolve and become easier as we all get into a groove. I’ve heard some parents have success establishing a routine by setting up a daily checklist (PDF) for their children.  This is an excellent way to help them stay organized.   

    • I know we are all inundated with COVID-19 information, but please review these resources for talking to your children about COVID-19 here

    • Check Facebook for daily Prayer & Pledge each morning, teacher video messages, and other updates.  If you do not have a Facebook account, you can still scroll through our Facebook news on the bottom right corner of our website

    • Also stay connected to our YouTube channel for Father Don’s homilies, prayer services, and reflections.  

    • As you are looking into next school year and rescheduling vacation plans, you will be able to find the 2020-21 tentative important dates here

    Once again, I thank you for your support and prayers.  Please stay safe. 


    Mrs. Kristin Lee 


    March 17, 2020 

    As we continue to navigate this unusual situation and the disruption the Coronavirus/CoVID-19 has caused, we hope to provide your family with the tools to successfully learn and pray at home.  I know teachers have sent many emails over the last 24 hours communicating how virtual learning will work.  This is a confusing and overwhelming time for all and we thank you for your patience as we navigate this together. As we work through these next few days, I expect we will all get the hang of this once we develop a routine from our homes.   

    Below you will find links and guidelines for virtual learning. I hope this helps level set our expectations over the next few weeks.  

    Virtual Learning Overview: 

    • The purpose of the virtual learning time is to provide continuity of learning for students in alignment with the current curriculum.  
    • Holy Apostles School plans to be closed starting Monday, March 16th (per the Governor’s mandate on March 17th, all K-12 public and private schools will close and remain closed until the end of the public health emergency. This new order replaces the April 6, 2020 end date for K-12 school closures). 
    • Virtual learning days for students will begin on Wednesday, March 18th. We have a previously scheduled day off on March 20th which we will continue to honor.  
    • Teachers have been and will continue to reach out with virtual lesson plans.  If you have not received emails from teachers, please reach out to them to ensure they have your correct email address.  
    • All work is due based on teacher instructions.    
    • Teachers will be generally be available to support students between the hours of 7:40 AM  - 2:25 PM.  As you are, many teachers are also juggling their own homebound children, as well as their school students.  Please be patient if you do not get an immediate response to a question.  Email is the primary format for communication. Please email the teacher if you need to schedule a virtual meeting.  
    • We recognize that internet outages and other technical issues may develop. If you are experiencing a persistent issue, please email your teacher. 

    3K, 4K, 5K and Through 5th Grade - Student Guidelines: 

    • Parents will need to access their email to find out student learning tasks for the day.  5th graders will also receive communication through email. Teachers will be using their websites, Microsoft Shared Folders, and email. The first assignments will be sent this Wednesday. 
    • Specialty teachers will also communicate assignments for students to complete. 
    • Parents should have students engage with all daily learning activities provided by teachers each school day.   

    Middle School - Student Guidelines: 

    • Each day, students are required to access their school email to find out their learning tasks for the day, as well as where to access them.  Teachers will be using their Standard Score, websites, Microsoft Shared Folders, and email to communicate assignments and lessons. The first assignments will be sent this Wednesday.  Some have already sent one. Please encourage them to check their email at least twice every school day.
    • Specialty teachers will also communicate assignments for students to complete through parent email. 
    • Teachers will email specific information on where to find assignments for each subject and how to submit assignments. If your child has a question, please have them email the teacher.  
    • Students are required to engage with and complete all daily learning activities provided by teachers. 

    Spiritual ideas and links for you and your children: 

    I would like to thank you for your support and patience as we navigate virtual learning together. I would also like to thank our amazing team of teachers as they work tirelessly to support each student’s learning needs. As Catholics we believe that “anything is possible for one who believes” (Mark 9:23).  I know that we can get through this trying time with our faith and the support of our community while we keep everyone safe.  


    Mrs. Kristin Lee 

    Last Published: June 18, 2020 9:41 PM
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