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    In addition to curricular and athletic offerings, we provide students with a wide variety of opportunities for enrichment:

    Cashe Club (7-8)

    The HA Cache Club is an after school activity where a group of middle school students in 7th and 8th grade participate in official Geochashing in Malone Park. We search for Geochaches using map coordinates, compasses, hints, and secret codes that we crack, all while trying to avoid catching the attention of muggles!

    First Lego League (7-8)

    HA is proud to begin a FIRST Lego League club! FIRST Lego League includes more than 235,000 students from around the world, and in 2017 will explore the human water cycle: how we find, transport, use, and/or dispose of water. Teams will build autonomous robots with LEGO® MINDSTORMS® technology and perform a series of missions. In addition to the robot game, students will choose and solve a real-world human water cycle problem. Students will practice STEM skills, while learning to make positive contributions to society. More information.

    Mad Science (K-6)

    This program offers fun, inquiry-based, hands-on experiments. It covers a wide range of science topics such as physics, optics and rocketry.

    Scouts: (K-8)

    We have a strong scouting program offered for both boys and girls. It’s a great opportunity for children to learn responsibility while growing in their friendships and faith.

    Chess Club: (1-8)

    Children come together to play chess weekly & learn new strategies of the game. Open to kids of all ages & levels.

    Band (4-8)

    Students receive instrumental music instruction in small group lessons offered weekly during the school day, as well as large group instruction after school. The band performs in the Christmas and spring school music concerts as well as at events throughout the community.

    Mass Servers (5-8)

    This is a wonderful opportunity for your child to grow spiritually and become an integral part of the mass. Both boys and girls are encouraged to participate.

    Run for Faith (6-8)

    Run / Walk for Faith is a club for middle school runners, as well as parish members, that parallels the endurance of a sport like running with the endurance of one’s faith. The club runs for 6 weeks and there are guest speakers who talk about running and spiritual life. At the conclusion of the program participants will try to complete either a 5K or half marathon. We will also celebrate with a spaghetti dinner.

    Student Council (6-8)

    This is an organization comprised of middle school students elected by the student body. The Council works closely with staff to create fun activities for the school as well as charity events for the community. It strengthens the students speaking and leadership qualities.

    Choir (6-8)

    The basics of vocal production, ensemble singing, and music reading will be stressed. Choir students participate in all-school masses, perform at the Christmas and spring concerts, sing the National Anthem at the Bucks game, and perform at other community events.

    Forensics (6-8)

    The Forensics Team is an Academic team that gives students the opportunity to have fun developing and improving their speaking abilities. Students will be working with a specific topic or selection of literature and will present that topic or selection in front of an audience. More information.

    Peer Mentoring (6-8)

    Middle school students have the opportunity to share their talents by tutoring younger students on a weekly basis. The activities are designed by teachers and reinforced by the middle school students.

    Ski Club (age 7 and up)

    Ski club is a family activity open to those with students in school or faith formation at Holy Apostles. The club travels to Alpine Valley Resort six times per season, either on Friday nights or Sunday afternoons. Advanced, intermediate and beginner skiers / snowboarders are welcome. All members of the student's family receive the discounted rates that Alpine Valley offers us. More information.

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