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    School Commission

    School Commission meetings are always on the second Tuesday of every month
    from 6:30-8 p.m. Please check the parish calendar for room location.

    Purpose and Overview

    • Ensure the school is coordinated with the goals and objectives of Holy Apostles Parish
    • Ensure the goals and objectives of the school meet or exceed the standards of the Wisconsin Council of Religious and Independent Schools
      •  Advance the educational mission of this Catholic school
      • Communicate the goals, objectives and activities of the Holy Apostles School with the communities it serves (parishes, families, students, greater community)
      • The environment for teaching and learning is one of care, respect and trust for everyone with continuous social and academic growth
      • Ensure qualified staff are in place and they are supported by the administration.
      • Provide a learning environment that encourages the learner’s development of critical and creative thinking skills, problem solving ability and performance skills.
      • Make available materials and resources for learning
      • Support student services to the learner
      • Develop and advance the long range plan
    • Advance the long term and short term objectives of the school
    • Provide guidance and feedback to the school principal and administration
    • Ensure opinions are heard and considered
    • See Holy Apostles School Commission bylaws for additional information

    Please contact any member with questions.

    2018-19 Commission Members

    Ex Officio Members

    Father Don Thimm

    Kristin Lee

    Ad-Hoc Members

    Ken Lemke (Chairperson)

    David Sanchez (Vice Chairperson) 

    Wendy Kopischke (Secretary)

    Marketing Ministry Rep

    Sue Bindl

    Home and School Rep

    Melissa Burke

    Athletic Rep

    Colleen Mala

    Faculty Rep

    Haley Schreiner

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