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    School Commission

    School Commission meetings are always on the second Tuesday of every month. 

    Purpose and Overview

    • Ensure the school is coordinated with the goals and objectives of Holy Apostles Parish
    • Ensure the goals and objectives of the school meet or exceed the standards of the Wisconsin Council of Religious and Independent Schools
      •  Advance the educational mission of this Catholic school
      • Communicate the goals, objectives and activities of the Holy Apostles School with the communities it serves (parishes, families, students, greater community)
      • The environment for teaching and learning is one of care, respect and trust for everyone with continuous social and academic growth
      • Ensure qualified staff are in place and they are supported by the administration.
      • Provide a learning environment that encourages the learner’s development of critical and creative thinking skills, problem solving ability and performance skills.
      • Make available materials and resources for learning
      • Support student services to the learner
      • Develop and advance the long range plan
    • Advance the long term and short term objectives of the school
    • Provide guidance and feedback to the school principal and administration
    • Ensure opinions are heard and considered
    • See Holy Apostles School Commission bylaws for additional information

    Please contact any member with questions.

    2020-21 Commission Members

    Ex Officio Members

    Father Arul Ponnaiyan

    Kristin Lee

    Ad-Hoc Members

    Dan Stich (Chairperson)

    Wendy Leising (Vice Chair)

    Amanda Krier-Jenkins (Secretary)

    Erin Lassanske

    James Sturino

    Marketing Ministry Rep

    Sue Bindl

    Home and School Rep

    Valerie Deal

    Athletic Rep


    Faculty Rep

    Mrs. Karleen Meyer

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