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    Mission Statement

    Holy Apostles School is a Catholic K-8 elementary school serving the community of and around New Berlin, WI since 1893. Our Mission calls us to advance the educational ministry of the Catholic Church by creating a compassionate atmosphere which develops faith, service, and academic excellence.


    We believe that each child who comes to us is a unique individual created by God, endowed with potential capabilities to grow and mature and become a responsible, loving, faith-filled adult.

    We believe it our responsibility, in cooperation with the parents of these boys and girls, to provide a trusting environment for them in which they can begin to recognize their potential for discovering and creating.

    We believe in the continuous progress approach to learning. The children learn to recognize their abilities, their strengths and weaknesses, and discover the means in their environment that will best help them acquire the tools, skills and knowledge to continue to learn.

    Holy Apostles School, as a Catholic institution, exists in order that a friendly atmosphere may be created for the boys and girls who come to us, so that they may learn to live in the present with an ever increasing awareness of who they are in relation to God and to others through Christian attitudes, concepts and the lessons we teach them.

    Our Goals

    We wish to develop in each student a:

    • Level of excellence in the core academic skills according to each one’s capabilities
    • Love for learning by developing each one’s abilities and talents
    • Sense of discipline, respect, cooperation and trust toward themselves, their teachers, their friends and their parents
    • Faith life that is receptive, active, responsive and rooted in Christian values
    • Love for God which will be strong and enduring 


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